Special Spokane Non Sequitur on a Wiley Weekend


It’s a Wiley Miller weekend in Spokane, Washington. Yesterday the Spokane Spokesman-Review featured a couple pages touting the return of the Non Sequitur comic to the newspaper. Today it continues with the return of the comic strip tp the newspaper’s funny pages.

But there’s more.

First Wiley apologizes:

Remorse is an understatement. I’m gutted by my own poor judgment…

I apologize to you, my editors and readers, for breaking trust with you..


Next comes the top Non Sequitur strips.

Of course, in my opinion, they fail to pick the best. They do admit that humor is subjective:

Well, first you understand that – like most things in life – comics are very personal in regards to how each person perceives them and reacts to them, and there is no way to rank something like that.

All of that being said, the editors at Andrews McMeel Universal worked with The Spokesman-Review to come with some selections of the top Non Sequitur comics of all time. Some of the strips made the list because of the total number of reader requests for reprints from the syndicate’s “rights permissions” staff, as well as from audience numbers from the company’s website for comic fans called GoComics.

Also taken into consideration was the amount of times a particular strip was shared on social media or commented on.


Finally, today, Wiley and the Spokesman-Review serve up some dessert.

As a thank you to The Spokesman-Review readers, Non Sequitur creator Wiley Miller said he would draw a comic specifically for Spokane if the newspaper’s readers voted to bring back his strip.

True to his word, Miller created a Non Sequitur strip just for our readers.

Here is the complete and finished special Non Sequitur.


The Wiley Weekend continues tomorrow evening with an appearance by the cartoonist.