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New Comics Line-up is The Best of The Best


In Wisconsin two neighboring newspapers, The (Racine) Journal Times and the Kenosha News (both Lee Enterprises publications), have finished counting the votes of their early 2019 survey and revealed their new comics page line-up.

A line-up they are touting as “the Best of the Best.”

Nearly 2,000 readers of The Journal Times and Kenosha News voted in our comics survey in February.

Using those surveys, we were able to come up with the Best of the Best comics, which we begin presenting in both papers today.

We hope this will start you on some new comics adventures, both Sunday and daily. Our daily page, starting Monday, also will be Best of the Best selections, running in both papers.

So, along with some jiggling of puzzles, the new comics pages of both newspapers include:

Your favorite comics, according to The Journal Times survey results were: “Pickles,” “Family Circus,” “Luann,” “Ziggy” and “Blondie.” The least favorite comic was “Marmaduke,” with more people voting online to eliminate the strip than to keep it.

In Kenosha, “Crankshaft” was the most popular strip, along with “Lola” and “For Better or For Worse” and in light of the vote totals all three are being introduced to Racine readers in the new package. “Garfield” also is returning for Racine readers, along with newcomers “Rubes” and “Slylock Fox.”

I don’t know the complete comics listing, but of those mentioned above none debuted after 1999.

The Racine Journal Times announcement.


Community Comments

#1 Lee Salem
@ 12:39 pm

You think newspaper readership is aging?

#2 Darryl Heine
@ 12:55 pm

I wonder if Kenosha or Racine dropped the may be dying thanks to daily rerun mode and may be no longer first run Sunday mode Get Fuzzy strip…

#3 Paul Berge
@ 2:24 pm

Let’s see if I can remember from reading the paper this morning: the Journal Times dropped Luann (strange, if the votes were in her favor), Frazz and Tundra, and picked up Zits, Crankshaft, Rubes and Shylock Fox.

The overall package looks rather sloppy, with about the same amount of space between rows of panels within a cartoon as between one cartoon and the next. Blondie is at the bottom of the front page but in half-page format (it’s less than half a page given the narrowness of the sheet of paper, but Blondie is the only comic afforded that much real estate).

#4 TVC15
@ 10:05 am

Best of the Best? More like Best of the 1950s. Retire for pete’s sake.

#5 Lester
@ 12:48 pm

PICKLES and FC look like a mashup. Might be funnier if they were.

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