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I Am Curious (Spider-Man)


When The Amazing Spider-Man artist Alex Saviuk acknowledged the end of his and Roy Thomas‘s run on the comic strip he mentioned that “March 23 will be the last Daily and March 17 will be the last Sunday as we close out the current storyline.”

And today’s March 17 Sunday strip certainly reads like an ending, especially with that last panel:

However the King Features Syndicate’s announcement, via Reed Brennan, about the coming temporary switch to reruns stated “Starting on March 25, King Features and Marvel will be re-running some of Spider-Man’s greatest hits.

That leaves the March 24, 2019 Sunday in limbo.

Will the reruns actually start on March 24?
Will Roy and Alex have one more Sunday up their sleeves?
Will March 24 be some kind of transition strip done in-house by the KFS bullpen?





Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 7:50 am

It sure has been a great 42 year run for the Spider-Man newspaper comic strip until the time of Stan Lee’s November 2018 death. The Chicago Tribune ran the strip from its 1977 start until it was dropped in March 1995.

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