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James Allen “Pearls” Stephan Pastis, Now It’s War


James Allen, in today’s Mark Trail, turned the table on Stephan Pastis.


Stephan has been known to mock other comic strip characters in his Pearls Before Swine.

James Allen (via Facebook) related a tale of one such incident that led to today’s strip:

Last year, in Philly, I sat in on Jeff Keane’s presentation and he showed a few of the times Stephan Pastis jabbed at Family Circus. I thought to myself “two can play that game!” and ran a few ideas around in my mind. Today’s Mark Trail is a result… not exactly what I wanted to say, but …


Stephan Pastis (via Facebook) has taken note of the attack and responded:

“Okay, Mark Trail, this means war.”


It looks like cartoonists at this year’s Reuben Awards may have to pick sides!



Community Comments

#1 Kip Williams
@ 4:48 pm

Might as well have some flapjacks while we watch. But shouldn’t the last panel line have been delivered by a distant shot of the cabin, with, say, an enormous frog in the foreground?

#2 J Willis
@ 10:23 am

At least Stephan Pastis’ PEARLS BEFORE SWINE parodies are funny. This MARK TRAIL strip not so much

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