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The Story of Earl Musick, OCJ Cartoonist

So how exactly does someone get the job of drawing the comic strip for Ohio’s Country Journal? Believe it or not, it started with the FBI.

It was 14 years ago when he started doing cartoons for Ohio’s Country Journal.

Musick made up for his limited agricultural background by talking with friends who had more experience on the farm.

“I did have a lot of farmer friends and a good friend of mine, Dave Hite, was selling seed at the time, so I thought I’d make a comic strip about Dave the Seed Guy. That way I could travel from farm to farm in the comic and have different families involved and different stories.

Ohio’s Country Journal profiles cartoonist and comedian Earl Musick.



Origins of a Comic Collector

This is not ancient history, but for the fact that I am ancient. The “origin tale” of how I fast-forwarded to a collection of comics, art, magazines, newspapers, and comics ephemera that fills a house, eight storage units, and corners of friends’ and relatives’ odd spaces.

Rick Marschall, who graduated to other comics endeavors, is still a collector.



The Cartoonist As Parent

On topics from under-boob sweat to Mayochup, Emily Flake has a lot to say. Or, rather, draw. The award-winning cartoonist went from running her comic strip “Lulu Eightball” in alt-weeklies across the country (the jokes were “too vulgar for grown-up publications,” she has said) to regularly drawing for The New Yorker. Her book Mama Tried: Dispatches from the Seamy Underbelly of Modern Parentingdepicts the highs, lows and absurdities of life with babies. Here’s how she parents.

Offspring interviews cartoonist/parent Emily Flake.



Bill Watterson’s Calvin as a Good Influence?

Richard Wehrman recently introduced his “Snow Goons” to some neighbors and friends. And after posting a few of these fun creations, he’s gotten requests from others who’d like him to create one on their property.

“My favorite cartoon strip was Calvin and Hobbes,”

Richard is enjoying the winter and sharing the joy.



New Kid On The Block

“When my wife and I first met — this was like 10 years ago — we actually just bought a truck and put a back hood on it and just drove to Savannah and lived in this truck for like two weeks in Savannah. It was awesome,” he said with a laugh. “Something I couldn’t imagine doing in my mid-30s, but as a 20-year-old, it seemed like a lot of fun.”

Will Henry, through his Wallace the Brave comic strip, returns to Savannah (and the Morning News).



Newer Kids On The Block

The latest in Hillsdale Daily News’ Young Artists series. Future NCSers!

above: by Jonesville Middle School eighth-grader Jasmin Teague


below: by Jonesville Middle School eighth-grader Lillyann Hodge




Yesterday buddy and teammate Mike Peterson flashbacked to Freckles and His Friends.
Also yesterday buddy and comics guide Allan Holtz took Freckles a bit further back, with cameos.







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