Confirmed: Intelligent Life Ends Print Syndication


Last month we were told that Intelligent Life would be ending its print syndication.

But questions remained:

Whether December 22, 2018 (a Saturday) is the end of the print Intelligent Life or not is something that is not verified. Also, will King Features continue as the digital syndicator of Intelligent Life or will David take it on himself? And what will be the frequency of the Intelligent Life webcomic?

Now cartoonist David Reddick, via video, has supplied some answers.

above: the December 23, 2018 Intelligent Life comic strip.

Intelligent Life will continue as a three times a week webcomic and remains on Comics Kingdom.

The last official print comic strip was Sunday December 23, 2018.
This is a little trickier. In the video David says the webcomic will run Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays “starting this week,” but he never states the actual last date of the print version. But from that I infer that Sunday (the 23rd) was the last newspaper syndication. Adding to that: Arcamax was carrying the comic strip and they seem to have stopped on the 23rd.

by David Reddick
July 7, 2014 – December 23, 2018
King Features Syndicate
[continues as a webcomic]



By the way, that video mentioned above is over an hour long, so you may want to schedule the time to watch it. David tells of the change to Intelligent Life, reveals he does three Blondie strips a week (Mon, Tues, Wed? or Tues, Wed, Thurs?), talks about his webcomics before and after Intelligent Life, has some big news coming next month, has advice for prospective cartoonists, and generally geeks out. Like the last video of David I watched this one is also entertaining. Watch the cartoonist ad lib through 70+ minutes if for no other reason than to take note of him continuously raising his right eyebrow (I think his right, the film is flopped so what appears to be his left is actually his right. Right?).

Seriously, David’s got another career here, I found myself smiling throughout.

Oh, also mentioned is the first Intelligent Life book, which David seems to think is coming next month but Amazon says its available now.