Hy Eisman and Popeye and David Reddick


Autumn Years, the Bergen County magazine for over sixty types, cover featured an eight page story about cartoonist Hy Eisman for its Summer 2018 issue. Detailing his life and career from Depression Era child to 91 year old Popeye cartoonist and everything in between. From Little Lulu to Little Iodine, from never-was comic strips (Joe Panther) to never-ending comic strips (Katzenjammer Kids, which still continues with Hy’s strips as reruns on Comics Kingdom).

above: a couple of Hy’s never-was comic strips (hat tip Mark Arnold)

A number of interesting tidbits are thrown in, such as his being a Joe Kubert School instructor ended September 2017 and his King Features Popeye contract runs for one year at a time and must be renewed annually.

The article can be read here (clicking on the “Popeye’s Pen Pal” cover title will take you to the story).


Continuing with Popeye…

Above are a couple of special Popeye drawings by David Reddick. He put them up on his twitter page with a header note saying, “Inking my version of Popeye for something special – I love this ol’ sailor!”


In mid-November David Reddick appeared at his local comic book shop and had time for a fun video interview about his career. Also educational when he describes the different challenges when working on his Intelligent Life comic strip vs. the Blondie comic strip art.

It becomes obvious during the interview that, like us, David is a comic geek. Toward the end of the interview he teases that there will be changes coming to Intelligent Life for 2019 (maybe this?) and that there are other new projects forthcoming, to be announced hopefully in December.


The entertaining interview can be watched at the Comic Carnival Facebook page.

And keep an eye open for the Intelligent Life book coming soon!