Playing Catch (Up)


Too Much of a Good Thing?

Letter to the Editor of the Arizona Daily Star:

But only one thing really bothers us: the lack of civility of your editorial cartoonist. I expect cartoonists to skewer those needing it; I don’t think it requires eviscerating them, and eating them for lunch. For example, I didn’t vote for Trump. I think he should be impeached. The last thing I want to do is feel sorry for him. That’s happended several times lately. There are enough truly nasty posts on the internet. They shouldn’t be in a quality newspaper. I believe that Fitzsimmons needs to curb his enthusiasm somewhat in order to make his points more effectively.

David Fitzsimmons Star page.



Hail the Hall of Famer

Mike Luckovich was  among the 2018 Atlanta Press Club Hall of Fame inductees.

Luckovich expressed his unabiding passion for his job, which he has been doing nearly 30 years at the AJC. “I feel like Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise on that bridge,” he said. He said he’s always trying to do better but notes how he typically procrastinates until 3 p.m. (His deadline is 6 p.m.)

Mike’s homepage.



I Draw Dead People

The Monroe Estate, along with the Elvis Presley Estate, have reputations as the most litigious protectors of the right of publicity of their deceased clients. The Monroe Estate pursued many lawsuits against unlicensed images of Marilyn since her death in 1962. Most states do not recognize any right of publicity after the death of the person in question, but California does.

Tom Richmond discusses how right of publicity applies to deceased celebrities.



You’ve Got a Deadline

With the end of the year quickly approaching, journalists have an opportunity to reflect on a year of work well-done. This period of reflection also happens to coincide with the journalism award season.

Poynter lists submission deadlines for journalism awards. A number have cartooning categories.



For Shame!

Friday’s political cartoon…was a deep embarrassment relating to the honored dead at the Arlington National Cemetery, hollowed ground of many military personnel who were of many different political affiliations.

The cartoon is a disgrace and insult to all of them interned there, including my uncle who was a World WAr II United States Marine ace that received the Medal of Honor for his heroic deeds in the South Pacific.

I am so ashamed of your allowing this being published in your paper, which I find to be a good news publication and stories.

Sorry, I have no idea what cartoon this citizen is talking about.



Thanks For!

During this Thanksgiving season, we should all thank the likes of Lisa Benson of the Washington Post Writers Group for her welcome ability to poke fun at everyone within the political arena without using vicious mischaracterizations typical of many lesser colleagues.

Once again, such clever observations are greatly appreciated when good humor seems to be in such short supply.

Lisa Benson gets some love.



Tain’t Funny McGee

As a longtime supporter of Real Change as well as a strong opponent of our current president, I was surprised and upset at the Middle Ground cartoon in the Nov. 21-27 issue. Was this supposed to be funny? Particularly in view of the nature of the recent murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the implications of this cartoon seem alarming and inappropriate. I think you owe your readers an apology.

A reader is disappointed in the Sam Day cartoon.




Joseph Ferdinand Keppler’s The Old “Americanism” Good Enough was published on March 29, 1899.

hat tip: The Nib Archive






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