November 18, 1928 – Mickey’s Birthday? Eventually.


When did Mickey celebrate his third birthday? October 24, 1931.

When did Mickey celebrate his fifth birthday? October 1, 1933.

When was Mickey’s lucky seventh birthday…September 28th, 1935.

When was Mickey’s 40th birthday in 1968? September 27th, 1968.



As an installment of Jim’s Animation Anecdotes, animation and comics historian Jim Korkis, at Cartoon Research, sorts out the various “birth” dates of Mickey Mouse. And as a bonus gives us a history and review of Steamboat Willie, Mickey’s public debut.

Weekly Film Review proclaimed after that first screening that Steamboat Willie “kept the audience laughing and chuckling from the moment the lead titles came on the screen, and it left them applauding.”


Steamboat Willie debuted on a Sunday afternoon, November 18, 1928,
at Manhattan’s Colony Theatre on 53rd Street and Broadway in New York.


above: Colony Show Bill featuring Mickey’s debut – via Tralfaz

below: The Colony Theater – via NYC AGO




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  1. “4 Nightingales” under “Great Stage Acts” at the Colony. By any chance, are those 4 Nightingales the Marx Brothers?

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