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For the latest horror Rob Rogers alludes to another place, another time – days short of 80 years ago.

Kristallnacht was not the beginning nor the end of the troubles then,
and this is not the start or, unfortunately, the last we will see of such atrocities now.

“I was a little hesitant to compare this violence to the 1938 Nazi attack on Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues. It is always a risk to reference Nazi Germany or the Holocaust,” Rogers says. “But when I heard that this was the worst attack on Jews in American history, I felt like it was worth the risk.”


Like Rob, Randy Bish is a Pittsburgh cartoonist and the tragedy hit close.

“One look at the recent photo of the young child offering cookies to a police officer shows the compassion of Pittsburgh’s people.

“There is no place for hate in this town. In the end, compassion will endure.”


The site of the massacre is Squirrel Hill, where TV’s Fred Rogers lived.

The lousy bastards, literally, brought their hatred into Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.


Michael Cavna, at The Washington Post, spoke to both Rob and Randy.


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