Stan Lee Talks About Life at 95

Millions missing. Elder-abuse allegations. The last days of Marvel wizard Stan Lee have been mired in controversy. Here, Lee—alongside his daughter—speaks out for the first time.

A new interview with 95-year-old Stan Lee, not about his career but about his recent troubles and the headline making charges on those surrounding him.

Today, Lee’s hearing is almost shot, his breathing labored, and his voice frequently fails him. He’d rather be reclining in his comfy chair—gazing out across his swimming pool at the canyon view, reminiscing about times with his beloved late wife Joan…

Stan Lee earlier this year – Getty Images

Mark Ebner‘s introduction to the interview:

Everyone in the room is manic, save for me and Lee. With [J.C. Lee attorney Kirk] Schenck frantically stage-managing Lee and his daughter throughout our conversation, it feels as though I’m featuring in one of the many hostage-style videos of Lee that have been leaked to the media by bad actors with worse agendas (one of which featured Lee—being coached by Morgan off-screen—alleging that Schenck was manipulating J.C. and supplying her with drugs). If it weren’t for the narcotics mellowing him, I’d like to believe that Lee would immediately eject himself from his recliner and demand a handler-free conservatorship.

There are five phones recording video and audio of our chat, and J.C. spends half the interview like a puppet master—inches from her father’s weary visage.

With that, I’m introduced all around and—with the aid of a voice amplifier—we begin our chat.

The Stan Lee and J.C. Lee interview at The Daily Beast.