(pre-CXC) Olivia Jaimes interview

In anticipation of her first public appearance on Sunday at CXC
GoComics presents an audio interview with Nancy’s Olivia Jaimes.

While taking painstaking steps to protect her identity, we sat Olivia down at an undisclosed location for an exclusive, hard-hitting interview on who was lit, what was up, and whether “Sluggo is Lit” hoverboards will be available soon.

Olivia’s voice has been disguised in this interview, but her opinions are radically candid. Warning: This interview may shock you to your core.

In the interview it is revealed that Olivia didn’t get comped a “Sluggo is Lit” shirt, she had to order and pay for one herself. Guess there are drawbacks to being anonymous.

Listen to the interview here.


As for that CXC appearance – here is the festival’s description of Sunday’s event:

Olivia Jaimes is a deserved comics sensation, creating a very funny Nancy comic strip that pays homage to Ernie Bushmiller AND strikes out for new territory all Jaimes’ own. This is her first public appearance, we have no idea what it’s going to be like, either, but I promise it will be interesting and I’m certain it will be fun.

There is limited seating — somewhere between 45 and 55 chairs at the far outside of what that room, a very nice boardroom, can do. While we obviously can’t guarantee access to everyone that will be interested, we will do our best to mitigate the misery part of such an experience. Wish us luck!

Check out the schedules of those other days, they’ve got quite a list of superstars!


As for the real identity of Olivia Jaimes?

We’ve got The Deacon and His Dog on the trail.





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  1. Alas, the Deacon has been denied access to anything beyond the no-recording, 40-person capacity limited appearance.

    His ol’ dog won’t hunt!

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