Baldo Creators Interviewed by Stars & Celebs

The Web Site “Stars & Celebs” (A web site for celebrities, online personalities, gaming, virtual reality, cultural icons and entertainment news) interviews the Baldo creative duo of Hector Cantu and Carlos Castellanos.

From the interview:

Hector Cantú:  Baldo is an e-collaboration. We do everything over the internet. I email scripts to Carlos. We tweak, revise, choose our favorites. Carlos then does the art and sends the strips to me via email. Then the final strips are uploaded to Andrews McMeel Syndication. We see each other in person every couple of years or so. Most recently, in April, we did a presentation together at the Eugene Public Library in Oregon. It’s always a blast meeting Baldo readers and the Eugene crowd was great!

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  1. Speaking of Baldo: Last week on the week of September 17-22, 2018 the New York Daily News dropped the strip from its daily comics pages but as of September 24, 2018 the Baldo strip returned.

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