Michael Ramirez – Advancing American Democracy

Michael Ramirez and the Advancing American Democracy Award

Ten days ago we latched on to the Mary Tucker Jasper Speaker Series and the Icons of Political Art from the perspective of Mike Luckovich’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A few days ago we mentioned Michael Ramirez and his new staff position with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Now we combine both with Ramirez’s The Daily Signal noting Michael getting the Advancing American Democracy Award.

“Ramirez is a great exemplar of what the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site seeks to recognize,” said Charles Hyde, president and CEO of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. “He has used his pen point with great purpose to expertly probe our cultural and political psyche and expose the foibles, contradictions, and excesses of American civic society.”


Also of note from the article:

[Ramirez] contributes weekly to The Daily Signal and The Weekly Standard. His work also appears daily in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Sounds like Michael’s new staff position won’t discourage his Signal and Standard gigs.