‘BC’ Promotes Binghamton N.Y.’s LUMA Arts Festival

This week’s daily BC comics are promoting the LUMA Projection Arts Festival in the Mastroiannis’ hometown of Binghamton, N.Y.

From Mason Mastroianni’s Facebook page:

Tomorrow, a special event week of BC Comic Strip will begin in newspapers across the world. From Monday through Saturday, We will be celebrating LUMA Projection Arts Festival, and it’s impact on community arts in our hometown in upstate New York.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the LUMA strips over these next six days, as they lead into this year’s premier 3-day event in downtown Binghamton, NY. I’ll be in town for the show, and to participate in the first-ever LUMA Storytellers Conference on Sunday, sept 8! Come on over and see us!

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