N.Y. Times Covers Benders’ ‘Alley Oop’ Retirement

George Gene Gustines over at the New York Times weighs in on the Benders retirement from “Alley Oop” and the strip’s future.

From Carole Bender:

Alley Oop has been our constant companion for a big chunk of our lives. Jack started drawing Alley Oop 28 years ago, and I joined him as an assistant 27 years ago. We did some calculations and realized Jack has done 10,966 drawings of Alley Oop dailies and Sundays, and I wrote and colored 6,188 of them. We have loved every moment of getting to be a part of the history of this strip. We’re only the third team to have created Alley Oop since its creation in 1933, and we were fortunate to have direct connections to the first two creators.”

Alley Oop is distributed by Andrews McMeel Syndication. Andrews McMeel Universal owns the Daily Cartoonist