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New Book Looks at Gary Larson’s Career, Influence on Comics

Brigham Young University professor Kerry Soper has released another book on the career and influence of a significant cartoonist of the 20th Century. His most recent subject is Gary Larson of “The Far Side” fame (joining Garry Trudeau and Walt Kelly).

From the promotional notes on Amazon:

In this first full study of Larson’s art, Soper follows the arc of the cartoonist’s life and career, describing the aesthetic and comedic qualities of his work, probing the business side of his success, and exploring how The Far Side brand as a whole–with its iconic characters and accompanying set of comedic and philosophical frames–connected with its core readers. In effect, Larson reinvented his medium by creatively working within, pushing against, and often breaking past institutional, aesthetic, comedic, and philosophical parameters.

Buy the book here.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Falco
@ 12:33 pm

The book is $90 currently on Amazon. Let me know when it drops to about $25.00

#2 TVC
@ 12:48 pm

That’s for the hard cover … it’s $20 something for the paperback

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