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Bill Griffith: Nobody’s Fool

 Zippy the Pinhead creator Bill Griffith has a new book coming out next Spring.

Not that an excuse is needed to do a career spanning interview with Bill Griffith.

Alan Bisbort talks to Bill about his influences, his mother’s love affair with cartoonist and cartoon editor Lawrence Lariar, his life in San Francisco among the hippie sub-culture, cartooning, his comic book and comic strip endeavors, and, of course, Schlitzie.

Nobody’s Fool is based on Schlitzie’s life. He was born in 1901 [as Simon Metz, then later legally changed to Schlitze Surtees] and died in 1971. I did all the research and conducted interviews with people who knew him. I added some imagined incidents in his life to give it a narrative.


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