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Letter to Editor Praises Role of Comics

A letter to the editor at the Laurenbourg (N.C.) Exchange gives a thoughtful take on the role of comics in newspapers.

From the letter:

Because of the daily comics pages in my local newspapers, I was encouraged to read. I discovered the books and films that inspired the cartoonists. I found a passion for art. I was encouraged to read the rest of the newspaper by the editorial cartoons because I wanted to understand the jokes. Now, the few minutes spent reading the comics page provide a welcome break from the events of the day. I’m sure I’m not the only one with an appreciation for the daily comics strips.

Community Comments

#1 Wiley Miller
@ 12:35 pm

I’ve always contended that comic strips and comic books are the gateway drugs to literacy for kids and young adults.

#2 Darrin Bell
@ 4:17 pm

I never really felt old until a *fully-grown person* confessed to me that her mom and dad used my work to help her learn to read. And except for whenever my children look at me, I’ve never felt more useful.

The importance of comic strips and comic books should be obvious to anyone running a newspaper. I’ll never stop being stunned at how many of them seem to be unfamiliar with the “gateway drug” concept Wiley mentioned.

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