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The Nib garnered three times more than requested in its Kickstarter bid to produce a magazine. It will join Funny Times and Humor Times as a periodical on the newsstand shelves, though The Nib magazine will be formatted different – a slick ‘bookazine’ instead of pulp tabloid, and featuring long-form political reporting and commentary.



It’s Nice to Be Loved

Readers at Liberty Unyielding were concerned about the lack of A. F. Branco editorials. Nothing untoward, just vacationing.


Oh, David Fitzsimmons is back! I really missed him. Though I rarely if ever agree with him, I appreciate his cartooning skills, his perception and his needling about what is going on. That’s the job of a cartoonist — to make us shake our heads whatever our personal opinions might be.

Elsewhere David Fitzsimmons returned from vacation to the delight of some.



But No Hugs and Kisses For You 

Who at Shaw Media decided that publishing the cartoon comparing our president to three of the most evil, monstrous, despots of the modern age was appropriate?

…there is absolutely no justification for this paper to put our president on equal footing with three of the most notorious murderers that ever walked this earth.

…the editorial cartoon…titled “Birds of a Feather,” is in disgustingly bad taste, unusual for you.

Robert Ariail gets feedback from various places.



“if only I earned a dollar per click”

Cartoonist Guy Body had a cartoon go viral.

The cartoon was a reaction to events in New Zealand, but seems to have worldwide empathy.

The cartoon ran in Monday’s newspaper and Body uploaded it to Twitter the night before.

“I checked the Twitter feed before breakfast the next day after posting it and it was up to 10,000 [views].

“After breakfast, it was up to 45,000 and after that, it was about 95,000,” he said.

In the video connected to the New Zealand Herald article Guy credits the United States’ Alex Jones being banned from some social media as a major reason for the cartoon taking off.

Body’s cartoon has been viewed over 550,000 times in the four days since its creation.



Drifting…Tariffs on newsprint are killing jobs and hurting newspapers

The alternative Eugene Weekly looks at increasing costs of raw material.



History – The Back Story to the Most Controversial Cartoon in South Africa History

Of all the cartoons I have ever done, this one provoked by far the greatest response. It was attacked, praised, debated and analysed on public platforms, on TV, on radio, in newspapers and in huge volumes on blogs and online media. The controversy surrounding the cartoon was covered in many international media, including the BBC, Al Jazeera, the New York Times and LA Times.

A Cartoonist’s Tale by Zapiro.



The New Breed

It’s not as random now. I watch the news everyday, I read articles and scan social media for what’s being talked about. The trick really has been to find an image before the news cycle sweeps a chosen topic away with the rest of it. My comic book work is mostly on hold for the time being. At some point when these cartoons started getting traction, I decided to keep doing it until this administration was done. Part of the motivation is about it being therapeutic, part is to act as a cheering squad to others to be more proactive and vote, and another part is to just chronicle this period of time and all the craziness happening.

Circling back to The Nib, here’s Pia Guerra being interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter.

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