Danziger Apologizes for Sanders’ Depiction

Editorial cartoonist Jeff Danziger withdrew and apologized for an unflattering caricature of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.


Political cartoonist Jeff Danziger apologized over the weekend for a “body shaming” caricature of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders he produced that was originally set to run in Vermont’s Rutland Herald newspaper.

“That particular cartoon is being withdrawn and re-drawn because it was felt that it indulged in body shaming, which I apologize for,” Danziger told TheWrap in a statement. “So I am doing something else on Ivanka’s clothing line. I am no one to criticize anybody’s physiognomy.”


Jeff replaced the cartoon with a different take on the Ivanka clothing line troubles.

This is not the first time people have taken shots at Sanders over her appearance…

It’s also not the first time that the veteran cartoonist has produced controversial artwork. In 2004, Danziger took heat for a depiction of then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice — which made use of ebonics. The work was denounced at the time as “racist.”

Jon Levine reports at MSN.


Some may remember that last year then-Los Angeles Times cartoonist David Horsey apologized for beginning a column (not a cartoon) with a description of Sarah Sanders that included calling her “a slightly chunky soccer mom.”

By the end of 2017 David and the L. A. Times had ended their relationship.




3 thoughts on “Danziger Apologizes for Sanders’ Depiction

  1. Does somebody expect us to draw Sanders as a svelte beauty? Heck, Danziger’s caricature barely exaggerates her appearance at all.

    I patiently await the apologies for right-wing cartoonists’ caricatures of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Michelle Obama.

  2. I would say the problem isn’t his depiction of her but the cartoon was simply a fat joke, nothing political, just an excuse to tell a fat joke.

  3. This is quite clearly inverted sexism. So it’s okay to draw Donald Trump as fat because he is a man, that appears not to be a offensive. However, you cant do that to a women! Double standards methinks…

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