‘They Came’ a New Mark Tatulli Book Hits Bookshelves Today

MacMillan Publishers and Roaring Brook Press have announced the release of Lio and Heart of the City creator Mark Tatulli’s new children’s book “They Came.”

The Daily Cartoonist caught up with Mark and asked him about the new book.


I was inspired (or moved) by the rising lack of empathy for immigrants that I was seeing … It’s gotten much worse since I originally conceived of the book in 2015. The whole point of the book is that it’s easy to fear and distrust, but the reality is that we all pretty much like the same basic stuff and we’re stronger when we share. 

I also picked a style and feel for the look and prose that put me in mind of the old sci-fi comics that I loved. I know kids won’t have any point of reference for this, but I thought it was cool and fun for me. 


From the MacMillan Site:

Mark Tatulli, a comic artist and the creator of Lio and Heart of the City, uses bold colors and modern art in They Came, a charming tale about acceptance, sharing, and speaking up for what is right.

When a spaceship lands on Earth, a small town launches into a frenzy.

Why did they come?

Everyone is warned to stay back! But one child realizes something no one else does.

What do they want?

As the spaceship door opens, the answer is revealed . . .

Why are they here?

And a small boy with a big heart shows how unexpected visitors can also be surprisingly sweet.