Midweek Quick Hits (6/13)

A Letter Cartoon What the Hell Is This Anyway? to the Editor

Seattle area cartoonist Gordon Anderson sends illustrated letters to the editor of The Stranger.


Spiked Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Cartoonist Speaks Out.

Rob Rogers talks to Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting.

Rogers told FAIR he believed the publishing of Tuesday’s [June 12] cartoon created an illusion of resolution: “When they finally printed the trade cartoon it kind of looked like, ‘OK, everything’s back to normal,’ but it wasn’t.”


Pew Research Center‘s Newspapers Fact Sheet

hat tip: Poynter


Special Comics on Saturday from the Bismarck Tribune

Bubbles, a special section featuring 43 comic strips, will appear in the Saturday Tribune. It was originally scheduled to appear in today’s Tribune.

I have no idea what this is. I do know I want it.


Killing Editorial Cartoons Is Not Fake News

Print magazine takes up the Rob Rogers cause with Steven Heller interviewing the cartoonist.

I can’t talk about the specifics of my talks with management except to say that I feel that what they are looking for is an illustrator to illustrate their new political slant. I am not an illustrator. My personal opinions are crucial to what I do.


Help decide the comics page of Kalispell Montana’s Daily Inter Lake.


Garfield turns 40! Creator Jim Davis reveals how the lasagne-loving star was born.

The Deccan Chronicle interviews Jim Davis on the occasion of Garfield’s upcoming 40th.

Do you still draw the comics? Are you still part of the ideation?
Yes to both the drawing and the ideation, though I confess I have a couple of assistants who help me with both. I still consider the comic strip to be the most important thing I do so I’ll never let go of that part of the job.


Portrait of the Artist as a Newspaper Cartoonist
Carol Coogan [is] a freelance artist who has illustrated Enterprise editorials for seven years.

Coogan competed in Best Original Editorial Cartoon, a category for both daily and non-daily publications.

Her winning drawing shows a woman screaming, having escaped from a metaphoric glass jar while other women — of all kinds, in various postures, ranging from fear to resignation — remain trapped there.

3 thoughts on “Midweek Quick Hits (6/13)

  1. The Racine WI Journal Times printed the Bubbles insert a few weeks ago. It gives a sampling of several syndicated comic strips — one page to each series. There was no indication in the JT that they were soliciting opinions on whether to include any of the featured strips in their daily line-up (none currently are).

    I’d be curious whether anyone out there knows the purpose behind the Bubbles insert, too.

  2. Did you see the section? Tabloid size? All comics from one syndicate? Color? Black & white?
    Apparently the (Butte) Montana Standard also ran with the insert, issuing a correction: “A story on Page 2 in the recent Bubbles section incorrectly listed the origin of ‘The Yellow Kid’ comic strip. The strip first was published in 1895 in the New York World. We apologize for the error.” https://mtstandard.com/news/local/correction-butte-high-graduation-thursday/article_f968991e-2b82-5798-948d-44beab907c57.html

  3. The Bubbles insert is a mini-tabloid (if you’ve seen a recent copy of the Chicago Sun Times, the dimensions are about the same). The front cover and back page are in color, the rest is in BW.

    When I get home, I’ll write back with the contents.

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