Reuben Photos – Lynn Johnston, John Rose, Jeff Parker, Mort Walker, more

Waiting for Hogan’s Alley magazine’s fantastic photo feature of the 2018 Reuben Weekend which, if past practice is any indication of future results, will present hundreds of pictures of hundreds of cartoonists; until then here’s a few others from the gala.


Lynn Johnston has posted about receiving the NCS Medal of Honor.

Can Lynn see the humo(u)r of being “honoured” with a Medal of “Honor”?


Snuffy Smith’s John Rose was there and presents his view.


Jeff Parker of Dustin fame shares some highlights from his weekend.


A Toast To Mort Walker, and King Features shares with us a bit of that Salute to a Comic Strip Titan.


The National Cartoonists Society has a Facebook page of The Reuben’s Dinner Red Carpet.

Karen and Greg Evans frame the Luke McGarry art for The Dinner.
(Anybody have a nice closeup of Luke’s artwork?)


The National Cartoonists Society also did up a very nice presentation of the Divisional Winners: