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Maine Governor apologizes for wanting to shoot cartoonist; cartoonist son kisses his a–

Maine Governor Paul LePage wrote a handwritten note to Nick Danby, son of Bangor Daily News’s editorial cartoonist George Danby, to apologize for earlier remarks saying he wanted to shoot the editorial cartoonist. The Governor was widely criticized and condemned for the remark. According to The Maine Sun Journal, Nick not only accepted the apology, but said he thought the remarks were “humorous” and inline with “many Mainers.”

“Thank you for the warm and thoughtful note ? I appreciate your concern and frankness,” 17-year-old Nick Danby wrote. “I wanted to respond by telling you that I was not offended ? I thought they were quite humorous ? nor was I the one who reported the incident ? I think in many respects you were simply representing the feelings of many Mainers.”

Nick continues pouring on the love with statements like, ” I have never seen a group of 200 boys more engaged than when you stepped onto that stage. For many, you inspired them with your words and call for action and dreams.”

I’ve had a long rule about profanity on this blog, so I can’t write what words actually represent my thoughts when I read the article, but let’s just say starts with WT and ends with F.

Community Comments

#1 Dave Stephens
@ 2:01 pm

“What the What?”

Is what I’d say.
In mixed company, that is, otherwise, it would start with WT and end with F…

If he puckered any more, the governor would be sucked in by the vortex created…

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