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Berkeley Breathed teases return to Bloom County

Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed posted a photo on his Facebook account teasing a return to his iconic comic strip. Berkeley’s pos simply said, “A return after 25 years. Feels like going home.” (see screenshot below).

He later posted the finished cartoon for the strip on the screen:

There’s no confirmed information about whether Bloom County is returning to newspapers, the web or both. The speculation I’m reading is Berkeley is bringing back Bloom County just in time for the 2016 election where current Republican candidates number 16. The feeling is that Berkeley launched Opus during the George W. Bush administration (and then retired it promptly at the end) and was quite open about needing Opus to be his voice during what he viewed as a crazy political period. The original Bloom County ran during the Reagan Administration. His follow up Sunday-only strip Outland ran during the George H.W. Bush and Clinton years, but didn’t last very long (1989-1995). So, I’m guessing that if you want to see Bloom County again… vote Republican.

Community Comments

#1 Mark Tatulli
@ 8:32 am

That’s the best reason I’ve seen yet to vote Republican.

#2 Fran Deppin
@ 11:17 am

It would be great to see Bloom County back in the newspapers. The big questions are: How many papers and how will they find room?

#3 Jeff Parker
@ 11:50 am

You’d think he could afford a Cintiq…

#4 Mike Lester
@ 12:27 pm

Easy Parker, some of us still like the hands-on feel of working hands-off the screen.

#5 Brian Fairrington
@ 3:09 pm

If he “returns” what will he return to? Sadly, the market he once dominated no longer exists.

#6 Mark Mason
@ 4:35 pm

Wake me when Watterson returns. Otherwise, don’t bother.

#7 Alan Gardner
@ 5:10 pm

@Brian – Where will he return? Facebook. See here.

#8 jeff Darcy
@ 10:11 pm

What I loved about that pic is that instead of using a Cintiq , this hugely successful legendary master cartoonist appears to be using the kind of Wacom tablet you can pick up at Best Buy, which is where I bought one, after cashing in my pennies at the grocery store coin machine.

Wonder what Opus would think a Cintiq is if you asked him?

#9 Joel Tieg
@ 10:15 am

I am underwhelmed.

#10 Joel Tieg
@ 10:18 am

I also hate a tease.

#11 Barry Hunau
@ 9:27 am

This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I have all the Bloom County Collections, and when I’m feeling low about the state of the world I”ll look through them to put a smile on my face.

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