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Profiled: the life and career of Dan Piraro

Zachary Crockett writing for Pricenomics

In an era where breaking stories can be shared in real-time on the Internet, it?s odd to hold a paper that literally contains yesterday?s news ? and comics are no exception: reprints of old Garfield, Peanuts, and Dennis the Menace strips fill the page. The world has moved on, but in the newspaper, Garfield still loves lasagna, Lucy is still pulling away the football, and Dennis is still menacing.

Nestled between these strips, Bizarro is a modern beacon of hilarity and social commentary. In a single panel, the oddball cartoon tackles issues like gay marriage, gun laws, and animal rights. It exposes, with reckless abandon, the frequent idiocy of mankind. Like its creator, Dan Piraro, it is both eccentric and doggedly political.

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OK, that’s nice. How I miss John Callahan.

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