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Inside Out loses box office top honors for second weekend in row

The coveted number one movie of the weekend honors was once again denied to Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out which came in second to Jurassic World. Again. Of course, if you can’t win at the game, redefine the rules. So hurray, Inside Out is the highest grossing ORIGINAL film (not franchise film, ahem, Jurassic Park, I mean World) with opening weekend box office receipts of over $90 million surpassing previous record-holders Avatar and The Incredibles according to Pixar Planet.

All kidding aside, I’m hearing really great things about Inside Out. Father’s Day weekend, when me and kids were contemplating between Inside Out and Jurassic World, I will admit to seeing the latter.

Community Comments

#1 John Cole
@ 11:18 am

We’ve seen both. JW is spectacular, spectacularly stupid, and populated with numerous characters who no one would mind seeing eaten by a dinosaur. The kids loved it, though.

IO, on the other hand, is arguably one of the three best feature releases in Pixar’s resume — maybe even number one. That’s a tall order, but it is really a remarkable flick. The kids loved *it* too.

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