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The Completing Cul de Sac

Richard Thompson is releasing a paperback chaser to his The Complete Cul de Sac that came out last fall. The new book, Compleating Cul de Sac, includes material that was overlooked or left out of the complete collection.

Here’s how Mike Rhode describes Compleating Cul de Sac.

The Complete Cul de Sac isn?t.

Complete, that is. Compiling it while ill, Richard accidentally left out some strips. Others were purposely left out, either because he had redrawn them for syndication, or they were too tied to the Washington, D.C. origins of the strip to make sense for a worldwide audience, or he ?just felt some were not funny.? Over 100 are not in The Complete CDS.

But if you?re a cartoon completist, or just want a little bit more CDS, we understand and we?re here for you. We?ve collected the lost water-colored Washington Post Magazine strips, the early inchoate musings about what the strip should be, the promotional material, the sketches for fans, and finally some fugitive Team Cul de Sac charity art by Art Spiegelman, KAL, Patrick McDonnell, Eric Shansby, Nate Beeler and others.

With Richard?s blessing, or at least active acquiescence, any money the book makes will go to Team Cul de Sac to fight Parkinson?s disease.

The book is available now in paperback, hardcover and e-book. And as Mike notes, proceeds go to Team Cul de Sac. Click over to Richard’s blogs for links to Lulu where you can order the book.

Community Comments

#1 Dan Olson
@ 4:19 pm

It?s wonderful to have ?The Washington Post? strips collected in this book. Now I?m going to be greedy, could we please get a complete collection of ?Poor Richard?s Almanac??

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