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Video: Michael Ramirez on editorial cartooning

Investor?s Business Daily editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez spoke at the Freedom Center?s 2015 West Coast Retreat in March. Here’s the video.

The transcript has been posted on Front Page Mag

Funny bit from Michael:

The Pulitzer ceremony?s actually a noontime thing. It?s a luncheon. It?s at the Columbia campus library. So we pull up in the limo, and I?m with my editor and my girlfriend at the time, and all these guys in pink tutus and brightly colored Mohawks, all come running over with signs that say Ramirez should die. And so I get out of the car prepared to do battle. I go watch this, this is going to be great. And just as I?m about to say something, they hand me a flyer protesting myself. They had no idea what I looked like. And so before I could say anything, my editor grabs the flyer and he says, this Ramirez guy, I know him personally, excuse my language, he?s an asshole, and they all cheered. And so I?m there with my best friend, who is Chip Saltzman, who is Mike Huckabee?s campaign manager, Paul Shanklin, who does the parody bits on the Rush Limbaugh show. And we?re all in suits and we all get in the picket line. So all these guys have these pink tutus and it?s me, Chip and Paul in suits and we?re holding placards that say ban Ramirez Pulitzer. And it was so funny, they actually had to come out of the library and tell me that the ceremony was starting, to get me out of the picket line. But Chip grabbed my banner and he saved it. So to this day I have that banner hanging up in my office.

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I enjoy reading the DAILEY CARTOONIST.Samuel Fox

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@ 7:15 pm

Great post. Thank you

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