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Interviewed: Charles Schulz and Larry King in a 1988 interview

A 1988 Larry King radio interview with Charles M. Schulz:

Via: Mike Lynch

Community Comments

#1 Mike Cope
@ 11:00 am

A wonderful listen… Especially interesting when Sparky is asked about which is more important in a comic strip, the writing or art, and Sparky mentions Calvin & Hobbes.

#2 Frank Pryor
@ 12:25 pm

Great interview, enjoyed hearing it after all these years! At 12 I sent in a “Draw Me” head to AIS or Art Instruction Schools
without my parents knowing. They sent a representative out, I’m sure not because I was so great, but because they must have had a representative in the area.
I had to wait a couple of years, but my parents did allow me to join and I worked through their 4-year ‘distance-learning’ course.

Charles Schulz was a big reason I was attracted to the school.
Thanks for sharing the interview! -Frank Pryor

#3 Robert Halstead
@ 12:31 pm

Lucy Brown???

#4 Frank M Hansen
@ 9:20 am

Always fun to hear Schulz talk about the strip. Really enjoyed this. Thanks

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