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Luann turns 30. All month long

March 17th will mark the 30th anniversary of Greg Evans’s Luann (see the first comic above).

From GoComics:

?If time flies when you’re having fun, then I’ve had a blast the past 30 years!? Evans said. ?I feel lucky that I’ve been able to spend nearly half my life doing the thing I love most: creating the world of Luann. The strip has never been a task; I always look forward to working on it. And it continues to feel new and fun to me.?

GoComics will be sponsoring events all month long. On March 20, Luann will be the guest on @GoComics’s Friday Q&A session (hashtag #AskLuann). There will be weekly give-aways on Luann’s GoComics page and Kindle Daily deals on Launn e-books.

Congratulations to Greg on 30 years!

Community Comments

#1 Jim Lavery
@ 1:23 pm

What’s that thing she’s talking into?

#2 Phil Judd
@ 1:09 am

Tape Recorder. In museums nowadays next to dinosaur exhibits… :-)
.Congrats Greg that is a huge achievement…

#3 Ideias
@ 10:41 pm

OK, here is mine .I have always loved the book and the movie To Kill a Mockingbird but I never rellay understood what was waiting there for me. I just thought this was a story about those people in that time, about prejudice in the American South .but why was I drawn back there over and over again. I never rellay stopped to think about why the little girl, why Scout until this year. I suddenly saw myself as Scout and when she throws back the door and looks Boo in the face I began to see the take away for me. When we dare to look our fears in the face, we begin to realize that they are not scarry at all. We will realize there is an entire world waiting for us beyond the barricade of our fears. This was my Bam moment this year and I draw strenth from this scene everytime I re-visit it in my mind.

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