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8-year old calls newspaper “shitholes” for dropping his favorite comics

Oy! Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a voicemail posted by The Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN) from an eight-year old boy who demanded the paper reinstate his favorite comics. He concludes by calling the paper (or editors) “idiots, jerks, [and] shitholes.” The profanity is in the last 15 or so seconds.

The demand includes reinstating: Born Loser, Close to Home, Dilbert, Doonesbury, For Better or For Worse, Foxtrot, Frank and Earnest, Garfield, Luann, Nancy, Peanuts and Ziggy.

Here’s the voicemail.

Community Comments

#1 Robert Halstead
@ 8:43 pm

Okay. The kid has an 8-year-old’s education. Same with the parents??

#2 Graison Tapper
@ 10:35 pm

I find it so interesting to read all of the editors whine about the kid’s language, but ignore the fact that he loved reading the Sunday paper and now the morons at the Bloomington paper have given him another reason not to read the paper. Talk about missing the message, but for a dying business like newspapers, that’s no surprise.

#3 JLG
@ 5:54 am

That paper cut ALL those comics?!?! Good lord, what’s even left?

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