Video: The Unquiet Films series featuring Times cartoonist Peter Brookes

Great seven minute trailer for an episode in The Unquiet Films series featuring The Times and The Sunday Times Peter Brookes. Whatever you’re doing, this is worth a few minutes of your day.

About the series:

We decided it was time to showcase just what the best journalists do… the real lives, real struggles, real bravery behind the newspaper stories that change the course of history. It’s all very well to boast that The Times and the Sunday Times strive to speak truth to power, without fear or favour and to report the truth, whatever the cost. But too often exactly what that takes – the death threats to reporters, the legal battles, the toughness and integrity it takes to get the article on the page – gets lost in the telling.

So here, in a series of extraordinary and independently made short films are some of the amazing, true-life stories behind the stories – we hope you find them as moving and inspiring as we do.

One thought on “Video: The Unquiet Films series featuring Times cartoonist Peter Brookes

  1. My long-standing admiration for the perceptive political insight of Peter Brookes, coupled with his exquisite visual portrayal of politician’s foibles, vulnerability, and (often) downright silliness, knows no limits.
    He hits appropriate nails on heads time and time again, helping to highlight crucial aspects of the political arena – and not just in the U.K.
    In a sense he gives sound advice to politicians on their failings via the messages contained in his work and, without doubt, he enriches his readers’ awareness of current affairs.

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