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Profile: Jeff Koterba on 25 years at The World-Herald

Editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba has reached the 25 year milestone with The World-Herald – his local paper where he grew up. Michael Kelly, the paper’s columnist wrote a profile on him:


On the day I checked in, the 53-year-old Koterba?s bicycle was parked outside his seventh-floor cubicle at the downtown Omaha World-Herald Building.
A few days? newspapers were strewn on the floor, and sheets of paper on his cluttered table showed partial pencil drawings as well as words and phrases to jog cartoon ideas. And, yes, there was doodling.
Said Jeff: ?Just the physical act of moving a pencil around on paper, even if the idea hasn?t come, relaxes me.?

There’s also a video interview by Spectral Chemist that is unrelated to the above profile, but interesting nonetheless.

Cartoonist Jeffrey Koterba from Spectral Chemist on Vimeo.

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#1 Frank M Hansen
@ 12:10 pm

Interesting to get into Jeff’s thinking a bit. Great, high quality interview. Thanks for posting.

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