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Kanika Mishra: Championing India’s First Cartoon Everywoman

Cartoonists Rights Network International writes about Kanika Mishra, an Indian women who was appalled at the response to the Delhi 2012 gang rape and the placement of blame on the woman afterward, who began drawing cartoons and sending them out through social media.

?I thought that if a minor girl who was allegedly raped by her parent?s Guru can stand up against these monsters, why should I send this message that I am afraid? I decided to make cartoons until these goons were tired of abusing and threatening me.?

Following four months of intense harassment, the abuse of cartoonist Kanika Mishra by Asaram Bapu?s supporters has dropped to a murmur in 2014 — as news of her ordeal, through the efforts of Cartoon Movement and other advocates, has spread. [As of June 29, 2014, Asaram Bapu remains jailed on the rape charges.]

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