Joe Heller cartoon presented to Pope Francis

A viral cartoon drawn by Former Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial cartoonist (now self-syndicated) Joe Heller featuring Pope Francis driving his 1984 Renault with bumper stickers such as “Have you hugged an Atheist today?,” and “Honk if your a non-conformist” has been presented to his Holiness. Members of the Jubilee USA delegation visiting the Vatican last week presented the cartoon to the Pope. Joe had inscribed the following on the cartoon, “His Holiness – I’ve been enjoying the ride! God Bless you!”

(Photo above courtesy of Jubilee USA)

4 thoughts on “Joe Heller cartoon presented to Pope Francis

  1. What a great cartoon. Some many funny elements to it. Love the shepherd and sheep window sticker.

    Also, what an honor to have a cartoon presented to the Pope.

  2. Hi. That is funny. Have you hugged an Atheist today 🙂 … and , yes, the sheeps on the window are great.

    I love that cartoon!

    Greetings from Hamburg.

  3. I love this cartoon. What a joy to have such a pope. His radical spirit is well put in the cartoon!

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