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Canadian paper apologizes for Nazi cartoon

The Advocate newspaper in Pictou, N.S. has issued an apology for a cartoon that they ran depicting a Nazi swastika flag flying over the Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Readers found the cartoon offensive.

In part the paper’s apology included these lines:

The cartoon was simply meant as a satire, or exaggeration, on Harper?s Economic Action Plan and its implications for some segments of the community.

We regret that the cartoon was not received in the spirit with which it was intended.

Hasn’t online comments taught everyone this by now? Never, never, never pull the Nazi card in a debate or discussion. It never turns out well.

Rob Denton, the cartoonist, says he didn’t intend to offend anyone.

Community Comments

#1 Lee Chapelle
@ 1:01 pm

There’s an axiom in political discussion groups know as Godwin’s Law. As soon as you invoke Hitler or the Nazis you automatically lose the argument.

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