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Profiled: Mike Lester and Mike Du Jour

Mike Lester’s comic Mike Du Jour will start running in the Florida Times-Union in March – which is also his home paper. They gave him a front page story on their features page.

The humor in ?Mike Du Jour? is observational rather than topical, Lester said, although topical events ? such as the Winter Olympics ? may inspire a series of drawings now and then. (He develops a weekly theme for his daily strips. ?It amounts to six jokes on ? I know I can do that,? he said.)

Basically, ?It?s just kind of a smart-aleck cartoon,? he said. ?Humor is still what it always was. Funny is funny.?

Community Comments

#1 Tom Falco
@ 1:35 pm

Love Mike’s work. Always makes me laugh and the drawings always attract me with their funny and unique style.

#2 Jeff P.
@ 1:06 pm

Love his work. Always funny, with a great style.

#3 G Louis Johnson
@ 9:46 pm

I keep Mike in my GoComics rotation. I enjoy his work. It’s great to see cartoonists like Mike Lester get profiled.

#4 Frank M Hansen
@ 11:58 pm

Congrats Mike. So nice to see your stuff getting out there more and all the way to your doorstep.

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