#FundTDC continues – one third of the way there

Two days into my Fund The Daily Cartoonist campaign, you’ve helped me raise $1,585 – or about 1/3 of the goal. That tells me a few things:

1. I have great friends and readers
2. Maybe I should have set my funding goals higher
3. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m fortunate for #1

I can’t say enough about the first option above. The issue I have each time I ask for donations is that everyone benefits regardless of whether they donate or not – and this year even more so. I have big plans for the blog this year and I’m supper excited and motivated to make them happen. Luckily this year several individuals and companies have generously donated incentives so donors have something to take away beyond what everyone will enjoy.

A few of those things available now (or will be listed soon):

1. Every donor will get a free 1-year GoComics Pro subscription
2. Donors who are not current DailyINK members will get a DailyINK membership
3. Original art by the fantastic Jan Eliot, Anton Edmin, Mick Stevens, Jeff Payden, Maria Scrivan, and Tiki Carrol
5. A copy of MotionArtist by Smith Micro.
5. A variety of paper and hard back book collections
6. Exclusive advertising/sponsorship packages for The Daily Cartoonist
7. Stock art packages by James Francis

If you’re a reader of the blog and have not contributed to the blog in years past (or even if you have!), please let this year be the one you do.

And please, make some noise on Facebook, Twitter and on your blogs. Every mention helps!