Nashville Tennessee is Nancy’s home town

In the strip the characters have lived in a fictional suburban town of Three Rocks, but yesterday’s Nancy Sunday comic reveals that Three Rocks is a suburb of the not-so-fictional Nashville, TN. The comic was part of a Nashville anti-littering campaign and Nancy is the spokesperson.

From Nancy writer/illustrator Guy Gilchrist’s blog:

The upcoming Sunday edition of NANCY, one of the longest-running cartoon strips still in production, will feature Nashville’s clearly identifiable skyline and explain that “not loving your hometown” is just as wrong as littering. The strip is a reflection of the recent collaboration with Metro Nashville in which NANCY will serve as a spokesperson for Nashville’s “Littering Is Wrong Too!” Campaign sponsored by Metro Beautification and the Tennessee Department of Transportation.” Nancy will also be appearing on local billboards and in a special 24 page coloring book which will be distributed to local school children throughout the metropolitan area in an effort to effect social change. Throughout its pages, Nancy will compare littering to things like “not rooting for your home team,” and “eating junk food every day.” The coloring book will also highlight local landmarks such as the Country Music Hall of Fame(R) and Museum, the AT&T building (aka “The Batman Building”) and the Nashville Zoo.

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