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King Features launches new strip: Take It From The Tinkersons

King Features has launched a new strip to newspapers called Take It From The Tinkersons created by Bill Bettwy. The press release says it launched in over 50 papers.

The strip is centered a family named The Tinkersons. Here’s the write up from KFS:

Bill Bettwy’s Take It From The Tinkersons is a contemporary daily and Sunday comic strip about a modern family’s dreams and aspirations. Life may not be simple, but the Tinkersons work together to stay afloat in today’s choppy economic waters. In their late thirties and happily married, Ted and Tiff Tinkerson have two children: A charmingly naive son, Tillman, and a moody tween daughter, Tweetie. And you can’t leave out Tubby, their lovable but decidedly pudgy pooch.

Nothing comes easily in life, especially for the Tinkersons. Despite Tiff’s financial concerns, Ted’s unrealized ambitions, Tillman’s aversion to school work and Tweetie’s hourly mood swings, the Tinkersons all know what truly matters in the rat race of life: family comes first and, for readers, this family is where the fun is.

Bill comes from a background in character design and development and animation.

You can read the first few days over on The Tinkersons’s site. What do you think?

Community Comments

#1 Carl Pietrantonio
@ 2:18 pm

Well, since you specifically asked what I think, I went and looked at the page and read the strips. No thanks. Not funny. The art is not my style. It might be to someone’s liking, but not mine. Where is the next Watterson? Kelly? Trudeau? This is like the stereotype sitcom of stupid parents and smart kids. Seen this, done that. Next!

#2 Donald Rex Jr.
@ 5:05 pm

Just those few examples seem just like Wattersons formula, only Calvin has a sister instead of a tiger, and drawn after the great Sam Hurt.

#3 David Jones
@ 10:17 am

Congrats Bill!!!

I am glad to see a strip get into a few papers!!! Very cool. I plan on hitting the syndicates with my revamped Charmy’s Army and it is nice going in with a ray of hope.

#4 mark mason
@ 11:43 pm

Checked it out. Thoroughly underwhelmed.

#5 justin flaurd
@ 6:50 am

i think this strip has a cool look to it. Got me interested.

#6 Sally Neeh
@ 7:16 am

Wow! Great job, Bill. I never thought a new comic would ever see 50 papers again. Keep it up. I will be reading daily!

#7 Kelly McNutt
@ 9:19 am

The coloring is sadly bland but I like what he’s going with in the design. I’ll be following it to see how things shake out, sure.

#8 Rick Hudson
@ 12:59 am

Not my cup o’ tea.

#9 Scott Metzger
@ 10:10 am

Congratulations Bill! Your success is much deserved.

@ 1:26 pm

Hold up..You mean it’s still earthly possible for a new strip to be launched in *ahem* newspapers ?!?! Excuse me ya’ll while I yell out the window to the village, “Keep ye faith!! There is still hope!!!”

…Congrats, Bill

@ 10:27 am

Better than calvin and hobbes i LOVE IT!!!!

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