Can’t they just leave Calvin and Hobbes alone?

Earlier last month, Adam Brown, animator for Comedy Central?s Ugly Americans, animated one of Bill Watterson?s Calvin and Hobbes Sunday strips with really good results. You can read about it on my earlier post, but unfortunately the video has gone “private”.

The blog Geekologie found this kid’s room all Calvinized. Nicely done.

But now someone took the Calvin and Hobbes story and made it into a b-movie, Hollywood, cash grab, straight-to-video feature. Or a trailer of such a movie.

If Watterson or his syndicate had anything to do with the take down of Adam Brown’s animation (which was quite good), please, please send out the take-down notices on this video.

8 thoughts on “Can’t they just leave Calvin and Hobbes alone?

  1. Why take it down? It’s just a fan video ? not much different than a Mad parody. Seems to me that it has legitimate protection under fair use.

  2. I like the trailer and the concept. If it were a real movie, I’d probably rent it. :^)

    I agree…fair use as parody probably protects it.

  3. Being lawfully correct does NOT protect you from being forced to prove it in court by spending $$$. Mad Magazine has actual money to stop lawsuits, but the rest of us, not so much…

  4. I thought this was hilarious, and actually really well done! Clearly, this is a very devoted fan who spent countless hours putting together something that is truly original that has a unique twist. I wish this were a full length movie!

  5. At first, I thought, this is not right.
    But after the second viewing, the concept of it grabbed me.
    If there was a lot of money behind it, and the Hobbes character was better done, I think this would really fly.
    Now I’m starting to wonder what if we saw Charlie and Linus and Lucy grown up, living with their hang-ups and idiosyncrasies as adults.
    Maybe having to deal with putting Snoopy down, or whether the little red-haired girl was dying of breast cancer or a drunk driving accident…..
    Dilbert getting escorted out of the building without even time to put his stuff in a box…..
    Mary Worth in a retirement center, getting bed sores and dehydration….the possibilities are endless…..

  6. It’s obviously a joke trailer in the same vein as what you see on SNL, etc. I think it’s awesome that even after all these years, C&H can inspire people to make stuff like this.

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