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Cartoonists: Obama caricatures have changed in first term

The Dallas Morning News has an article by Mike Peters (but not MG&G Mike Peters) about how several cartoonists’ caricatures of President Obama has evolved over the course of his first term:

“It’s subconscious, but the way a cartoonist draws a politician does change over time as the cartoonist’s impression of that politician changes,” said Mike Smith of the Las Vegas Sun. “I found that George W. Bush became smaller in my art as his residency matured. And I find the same thing happening with Obama.”

More quotes from Mike Peters (yes that MG&G Mike Peters), Jim Morin, Ed Gamble, David Hitch, and Kevin Siers.

Community Comments

#1 Jim Lavery
@ 9:59 am

It was harder for some cartoonists to draw Obama earlier in his “residency” because of all the drool that would get all over the paper.

#2 Joe Engesser
@ 12:31 pm


#3 Barry Munden
@ 7:31 am

Please reserve the political bashing for more appropriate comment cesspools, like Youtube or Craigslist .

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