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Louis “Doc” Goodwin passes at age 89

Louis “Doc” Goodwin, former Columbus Dispatch editorial cartoonist passed away Monday at the age of 89. He spent 25 years with The Dispatch starting out as an advertising salesman who drew cartoons to accompany ads. He also spent 10 years with the Ohio State Journal and Columbus Star (no defunct). He retired from The Dispatch in 1987.

From The Dispatch:

Goodwin’s cartoons adorned Dispatch editorial pages, and he also drew two comic strips. “Phillip’s Flock,” which featured a friendly minister and the antics of his congregation, appeared on the religion page.

He also drew a humor panel, “Mostly Male,” which evolved into the family-centered Sunday comic strip “Bascomb.” Some of the strips were inspired by the real-life experiences of his family, said daughter Joyce Goodwin, of Weed, Calif.

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