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Mark Anderson asks why he’s a cartoonist

Andertoons creator Mark Anderson:

I’m a cartoonist. I draw funny pictures with funny words that I send out into the world to earn my living. I love my job unquestioningly. That is until recently, when I ran across a TED Talk by Simon Sinek about how great leaders inspire action.

Now, I am neither a great leader, nor particularly inspiring, but it looked like Sinek was going to discuss Apple, and being a fanboy of the fruit, I watched it. But I got more than I expected; for just a moment it actually made me question why I’m a cartoonist.

Community Comments

#1 David Jones
@ 1:50 pm


I would give anything to be able to make a living at cartooning my comic strip Charmy’s Army (cheap plug) so count your blessings!!!!

I get maybe 6 readers a day. Not very satisfying, but the few comments of encouragement I get on GoComics/Comics Sherpa is enough to keep me plugging along.

You are a lucky, lucky man!!!!!

Don’t question fate… Embrace it!!!! There are a TON of us who will never know what you have… and would give almost anything to have a taste of your success.

#2 Steve Hubbell
@ 12:09 am

Note to self:
Find out what a “TED Talk” is…..

The world needs more people like Mark Anderson because the world needs a whole lot more laughter!

#3 Kat Ruhl
@ 12:22 pm

To want to make people laugh is probably one of the noblest goals someone can have. As Steve said the world needs more laughter!

The few TED talks I’ve seen have been great. My favorite was one on why art, music, and anything that teaches creativity are so vital to have in schools.

#4 Tom Stemmle
@ 3:02 pm

Mark! You are a successful cartoonist because you can’t help being one! It’s simply a part of your DNA. So don’t question or second guess. I think, down deep, you really know that already.

#5 Scott Metzger
@ 10:09 am

Well said, Mark.

I also played the trombone. It was a pretty big deal when I discovered the plunger mute is how they did the voice for Charlie Brown’s teacher. That was middle school Comedy Gold.

Everyone laughed at that joke – except from the French horn section. They were SO above it all.

#6 Paul Tubb
@ 4:09 am

I became a cartoonist for a similar reason but a different scenario,

I’ve always loved cartoons, but felt that my visual efforts were not good enough, I wrote some Comic/Nonsense Verse for kids, for the reason that I enjoy making people laugh, and was asked to find an illustrator as I was due to read them in a Library.

I had no idea how to find an illustrator, so I decided to do a rough drawing so I can use as an example, and ask around if anyone can replicate it for me… ‘That’s pretty good’ my wife tells me… And I’ve been illustrating my Poems/Jokes and cartoons ever since…

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