Interviewed: Jonathan Mahood and National Robotics Week

I’ve mentioned it before that Jonathan Mahood’s Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog is the official mascot for next week’s 3rd annual National Robotics Week April 7-15.

King Features Syndicate has posted an interview about Jonathan’s involvement with the organization and the use of his feature characters for next week.

Q. What inspired you to create a storyline based on National Robotics Week?
A. National Robotics Week is such a great event, and it’s a natural fit for my characters to get involved in. I’m not a roboticist, but I’m really interested in how these inventions are quickly becoming part of our everyday lives. Also, a central part of NRW focus is to inspire kids to get involved in S.T.E.M. subjects. If the comic can help in any way to get kids motivated, then I’m thrilled.