Funds sought to open Jack Kirby museum in NYC

A fund-raiser has started to raise an initial $30,000 to open a museum in New York City for Jack Kirby.

If Stan Lee is the George Lucas of comic books, then Jack Kirby is the medium’s Spielberg. Born Jacob Kurtzberg in 1917, the artist was honoured by his family and fans in 2005 with the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center website. Currently operated from Hoboken, New Jersey, the museum’s new home is intended to be housed in Kirby’s childhood stomping grounds of New York’s Lower East Side.

Kirby earnt his title of The King with decades of excelsior work for Marvel and DC Comics. Universally beloved, he is often recognised even outside of the comics industry as possibly the world’s most influential comic book artist, to rival talents such as Osamu Tezuka and Hergé.