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Video: Mike Luckovich against the deadline

Great video of Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich.

Via Mike Lynch

Community Comments

#1 Ben Thompson
@ 8:51 am

An editorial cartoonist should not be for one political party or the other, they should always objectively point their acid dipped pen at whoever and which ever party is in power.

If not, they are a hack and a propagandist for the party they favor. In this instance the cartoonist favors Democrats and Obama.
The cartoonist should always be attacking (with satirical humor) the people and party with all the power.
The cartoonist should be on the side of “John Q. Public”, not on the side of the government.

#2 Jeff Darcy
@ 11:40 am

Mike Luckovich appears to be only on the side of
The Beehive/bald party and genius

#3 b.j. Dewey
@ 4:44 pm

One of the most professionally done videos on cartoonists I’ve seen, next to the excellent, more technical one on Ann Telnaes in the Washington Post. The varied background music nicely captures the slightly goofy world of cartooning. Just one question: what’s the grenade for? (I’m almost afraid to ask…)

#4 donna lewis
@ 9:10 am

Love this. Love the hazards of cartooning. Not sure if I spelled hazards correctly.

#5 David Ford
@ 11:18 am

Thanks to Mike for letting us crawl into his mind and watch his neurons fire. This as pure entertainment at it’s best packed with with lots insights and topped with a grenade! Loved it!

#6 Pedro Molina
@ 2:53 pm

Good, but if we are talking about Mike career , I like this one better…

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