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Bill Holbrook releases free song

Bill Holbrook, creator of Safe Havens, Kevin and Kell, and On the Fastrack, has announced he’s posted a free mp3 download for the song “Free Range Love.” In his comic strip Safe Havens the character Bambi is on tour signing “Free Range Love” and to go a long with it, Bill wrote the real song. It’s performed by his sister Susan Holbrook Ridarick and features two former members of the band Riggs. Visit the link above to download.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Heintjes
@ 1:56 pm

Great tune! Forget Howard Stern…Bill is the King of All Media!

#2 John Sheppard
@ 6:47 am

“My life is scrambled, poached and fried …” most eggscellent work, Bill!

#3 Bill Holbrook
@ 7:20 am

Thanks! Credit, of course, goes to the actual musicians:

Bass Guitar: Dave Ridarick
Drums: Stephen Roy Carlisle
Lead & Rhythm Guitars: John Johnson
Lead Vocal: Susan Holbrook Ridarick as ?Bambi Bramante?
Background Vocals: Susan Holbrook Ridarick and Paula Mangum as ?The Dodos?
Produced by Scott Robertson and Dave Ridarick
Engineered and mixed by Scott Robertson at STR Studio

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